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About Us

Uniting Passion

ASD Sport Compass is a non-profit entity and registered as an Italian Sport association and embraces interested, amateurs and professionals in and from various sports.

Fostering Change

By means of adopting Education Through Sport (ETS) methodology ASD Sport Compass intends to target social inclusion, healthy lifestyle, sustainable awareness. Therefore, the association facilitates access and activities for land, sea and air – sports in the region, up to establishment of European partnerships and related project initiatives within these disciplines.  

Unveiling Sustainable Adventures

Stationed at the heart of the Mediterranean, the associations furthermore promotes forms of eco-friendly tourism with a light environmental footprint.  

As a recently established association, ASD Sport Compass functions also as a ‘field lab’ that has prioritized the development of a solid presence in project design within our areas of interest. We actively participate in many international projects within the Erasmus+ program.  

Our global connections allow us to build solid relationships and membership in well-established international networks.  

We love sports and actively facilitate and participate in various sports disciplines, as outlined below. Some of our members even partake in competitive events, showcasing their dedication and commitment to their chosen sports. 






Condition Training

Ping Pong 

Table Football 

Beach volley 

at SEA






in AIR


We love to play, too! We understand the importance of infusing our work environment with elements that boost our well-being and energize team building. That’s why in the historical center of Sassari the associations ‘head quarters’ is allocated in an unique penthouse, ASDSC’s club-house.  

Ideal for gatherings, project sessions or to indulge in board gaming evenings, veranda leisure – where ping pong and table football take center stage. In short our clubhouse offers both a professional meeting point and a refreshing escape, where we can unwind, recharge, and engage in friendly competition. 

Within the scope of the association’s mission, ASDSC is proud owner of MINA a 39 foot sailing yacht moored in the port of Alghero.

Feel welcome and join ASD Sport Compass: Where Passion and Expertise Converge! 

At ASD Sport Compass, our association comprises a dedicated team whose collective expertise spans the realms of sports, European/local project design, education, research, training, communication, event organization, marketing, and dissemination. With a shared passion for both sport and education, our team harnesses their skills to propel our mission to new heights. 

We are also fortunate to have the support of part-time staff members, talented freelancers, and passionate volunteers who contribute their time and skills to enhance the activities of our Sports Association. 

Through our expertise, dedication, and passion, we aim to create innovative projects and initiatives that make a lasting impact in the world of sports, education, sustainability and inclusion. 

Our Team

Roberto Solinas
Maria Grazia Pirina
Vice President
Johannes de Waal
Lívia Magdošková
Project Manager



Giannangelo Boccuzzi
Johannes de Waal

Our Partners

Our Sponsors

Promoting & Development

Transforming Lives & society through Sports:
ASD Sport Compass' Thriving Objectives

At ASD Sport Compass, we are a non-profit organization driven by a powerful vision. Our mission is to promote and develop Amateur Sports Activities and Education & Inclusion through Sports, with a focus on outdoor sports.

Our objectives reflect our commitment to creating a transformative environment where individuals can learn, grow, and thrive through their participation in sports. We recognize that sports are more than just physical activities – they are potent non-formal education tools that shape character and instil invaluable life lessons. 

By engaging in sports activities, our association provides individuals with exciting opportunities to develop physical and mental skills, fostering personal growth, character building, and cultivating healthy lifestyles. We aim to create a space that embraces social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and active citizenship while promoting European values and encouraging social entrepreneurship.

ASD Sport Compass promotes and develops amateur sport activities, Education & Inclusion through Sport.