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ASD Sport Compass

Empowering Inclusion, Heading to a Sportive, Healthy Lifestyle and Sustainable Leisure

At ASD Sport Compass, we steer the course towards an inclusive future by facilitating access, supporting amateur initiatives, and developing, adopting methodologies in sports.

With vision and expertise in fostering personal development, and through the power of non-formal education in sports, we aim to create an environment where individuals can learn, grow, and thrive.

ASD Sport Compass
promotes and develops amateur sport activities, Education & Inclusion through Sport.

Not only do we champion healthy living, but we also strive for social inclusion, environmental sustainability, digital advancement and active citizenship. We are committed to creating a diverse and welcoming community that embraces everyone, regardless of their background or abilities.  

Together, we navigate towards a future where sports empower individuals, strengthen bonds, and inspire positive change – being key to unlock valuable life lessons.

Sport Fields

Engaging in our sport activities provides opportunities for physical and mental skill development, cultivating teamwork, perseverance, discipline, resilience, as well as leisure and pleasure..

Climbing High  &
Get a Grip

Climb to the highest peaks and get the grip back with nature! At its best, rock climbing symbolizes freedom, adventure, and courage. Get inspired by the profound Art of Rock Climbing along with ASD Sport Compass!

The Sea as a Lifestyle &
Marine Being

Dedicated to promote awareness, team spirit, athletic and personal growth / well-being. in short aligns to good seamanship, that includes a required uptake of marine flora and fauna, and living a more challenging lifestyle in and around the sea.

Born to Be Airborne &
Discover New Horizons

Unlock Boundless Horizons of your mind; besides seas, ASD Sport Compass navigates also skies! Soar high, learn freely, and evolve with our Paragliding Adventures for Mind, Body, and Nature.

"Personal growth and character building are natural outcomes of an active sporting lifestyle."

ASD Sport Compass is member of the Italian Sailing Federation

Feel welcome and join ASD Sport Compass:
Where Passion and Expertise Converge!