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ASDSC Event Alghero - Beach Clean UP!

Location: Spiaggia Lido di Alghero
Meeting point : Front of Maracaibo Cocktail bar
Time : 17:30

Sail4sustainability Project

Join the Sail4sustainability Project at ASD Sport Compass

We invite you to become part of our Sail4sustainability project, an initiative dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in the European sailing community.

Understanding Sustainable Sailing Needs

We are focusing on two critical areas:

1. Identifying and Assessing Needs: We seek to understand the specific requirements of those involved in sustainable sailing, exploring their awareness and practices concerning eco-friendly sailing.

2. Mapping Best Practices: Our goal is to compile and share effective sustainable practices from across our partner countries, fostering an environment of learning and adaptation.


Methodology Overview

Our approach includes: 

1. Desk Research: Comprehensive analysis of existing sustainable sailing methods will set the foundation for our focus group discussions. 

2. Focus Group Discussions: These discussions will be conducted in Italian and are essential for directly engaging with the sailing community to gather diverse perspectives and insights.



The Importance of Focus Groups

Focus groups enable us to collect valuable qualitative insights, offering a platform for open and rich dialogue. This interaction is crucial for uncovering new ideas and deepening our understanding of sustainable practices in sailing.

Get Involved

If you’re passionate about sustainability and sailing, we encourage you to join these discussions. Your participation will be instrumental in shaping the future of sustainable practices in our community.

To get involved in our upcoming Focus Groups session on May 29th 2024, please contact us at hub.team@minevaganti.ngo. We count on your involvement to drive the success of the Sail4sustainability project. Together, we can make a significant impact on the sailing world. Join us at ASD Sport Compass and contribute to a greener future.

Click on the picture to find out more information regarding the event.


Join our team through the European Solidarity Corps program and let’s ride the waves together!  Click on the picture below to explore this exciting opportunity and learn how you can contribute to our dynamic community.