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ASD Sport Compass is a non-profit entity and registered as an Italian Sport Club.

The association is composed of a total 4 full-time staff members, expert in diverse nautic and other sports as well as fields as European/local project design, formal and non-formal education, communication, organisation of events/seminars, marketing and Dissemination. In addition to its staff,  about 10 volunteers are involved in the Sport Club activities.

While recently established and active in seeking membership of established international networks, the association benefits from the ramified network of contacts developed by its associates, all of them professionals who formed and still form part of the international staff in international projects in the field of Erasmus Plus Collaborative Partnership Sport.



  • To Promote and develop amateur Sport activities, especially in the disciplines linked with sailing and nautical practice, knowledge of marine flora and fauna, spread of sailing and seamanship as well as of actively living and knowing the sea as a lifestyle in its own right  and a form of psycho-physical as well as moral education, diffusion of nautical and underwater as well as of everything concerning sea-related activities, promote forms of eco-friendly tourism with a light environmental footprint like wind-moved sailing.
  • To organise Sport events of recreational and cultural nature concerning sailing practice and sea Sport events, sailing trips in Italy as well as abroad, Mediterranean and Oceanic sailing, didactical and practical courses, educational stages (both directly as well as in cooperation with other actors).
  • To promote educational-practical activities for the initiation, update and improvement in sailing practice as well as in the practice of sea Sport by means of daily excursions or educational-creative cruises for the purposes of enhancing the qualifications of Sport operators; distribute periodicals, books, leaflets, booklets as well as release websites. 
  • To study, promote and develop new methodologies to improve the organisation and practice of Sports, employ vessels, boats and sailing ships by means of stipulating rental and leasing contracts crew included/excludes, loan for use including all the activities of building, recovery, set up and management, both technical and financial.
  • To manage own and third-party facilities, managing, operating, carrying out ordinary as well as extraordinary maintenance of Sport facilities and equipment employed in sailing practice, sea Sport, as gyms, fields, and Sport facilities of different kinds.
  • To organise sports teams for participation in championships, competitions, regattas, competitions, events and initiatives for sailing and various sports.
  • To hold courses of introduction to Sport activity, physical activity and fitness, training courses and qualification courses for Sport operators.
  • To explore the opportunities for building/operating sport facilities, lanes and sea slides, marinas, piers and floating piers, mooring and landing stations, areas and buildings for the stop and/or shelter – with or without custody – of boats, trailers and vehicles with or without trailers.
  • To organise competitions, championships, sporting events, rallies and related services.
  • To promote, organise and implement events and initiatives aimed at the protection of nature in coastal environments; establish and manage reception points as well as put in place any other useful initiative for the promotion of sports and all nautical and nature conservation activities in general.
  • Act to organise initiatives, also at the international level, through agreements and conventions with supranational and foreign bodies and associations.
  • To carry out an activity that falls within one of the association’s areas of interest in the fields of international mobility, research, design, education in its various forms (school, VET, university, non-formal education) and support other bodies and institutions by means of counselling.
  • To raise awareness about the issues related to environmental sustainability, social entrepreneurship and Sport as educational tools.
  • To design projects for the association’s community of belonging and cooperate with the connected institutions, in complete autonomy. Work in European programmes of education through Sport, social inclusion through Sport and development of transversal skills through Sport practice (Erasmus Plus Sport Chapter), alongside all the other local and international programmes (United Nations, Local and international foundations) that might, in time, interest the association, while at the same time favouring their visibility in Italy.
  • To arrange for the stipulation of specific conventions and/or memoranda of understanding with public and/or private bodies, institutions and other entities.